About Us

The Parent Association for Gifted Education, Inc.

The Super Saturday Program is run by the Parent Association for Gifted Education, Inc. (PAGE). PAGE is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and is concerned solely with offering The Super Saturday Program. As such, the mission of PAGE is to serve intellectually gifted children early in their lives and to promote the recognition of their significantly different educational needs. PAGE also provides opportunities for parents to learn about the special needs of gifted children and to interact with other parents of gifted children.

The membership of PAGE is comprised of all of the parents, teachers, and volunteers who are involved in The Super Saturday Program. PAGE is run by a 13-member Board of Trustees. These Trustees wear multiple “hats,” as parents of gifted children in the program, volunteers performing numerous operational duties and members of the Board.

Board Of Trustees

  • Judie Bailey, Logistics Coordinator
  • Gina Baldwin, President
  • Jelena Diaz, Vice President of Marketing
  • Mark DillonChairman and CEO
  • Liza GallagherRegistrar
  • Monica Hennessy, Teacher Coordinator & Asst. Registrar
  • Korin Mattei, Campus Operations
  • Jimmy Lehn, Asst. Campus Operations
  • Maggie Gunnerson, Asst. Registrar
  • Monika Stricker, Treasurer


  • Anthony Diaz, Chief Technology Officer
    • Philip Bierhoff, IT Consultant
    • Aidan Gallagher, IT Consultant
  • Amanda Osburn, Teen Leadership Program
  • Melanie Simkins, Asst. Teacher Coordinator
  • Stephanie Yamaguchi, Hospitality & Spirit Wear
  • Maggie Gunnerson, Parent Room Coordinator
  • Jenn Ledonne, Background Check Coordinator
  • Rhonda Minnick, Brochure Designer

Resource Members

  • Jan Betscher, Heather Dillon, Jennifer Clark, Patrick Clark, Jenn Ledonne, Noelle Quick, Mykl Sandusky, Eric Simon Thomas