As most of us are well aware, federal and state legislation for identifying and serving gifted children is minimal. Gifted funding is even more dismal. As a result, most public schools offer little to no services that gifted children require.

It is critical that parents advocate for their children in their schools. It is also important that parents advocate at the state and national levels in support of legislation requiring appropriate services and insist that funding is provided for schools to meet those requirements. Until there is adequate legislation and funding, our schools will continue to underserve our children.

There are numerous advocacy organizations in the country which lobby for gifted services and educate parents/teachers on current and proposed legislation. Each of them welcomes your involvement and support.  Please consider learning more about these organizations and joining them in our cause.

National Association for Gifted Children

  • NAGC focuses on serving the needs of all gifted students in the United States by educating parents, teachers, administrators and policymakers on various gifted topics. Among other things, their website offers broad statistics on the gifted population in the U.S., along with detailed information on gifted population and service requirements by state.

Ohio Association for Gifted Children

  • OAGC is a local affiliate of NAGC.  It has a parent division and offers numerous publications of general interest to parents of gifted children.

A Nation Deceived is a report provided for free by the John Templeton foundation that provides information for parents of gifted students about why acceleration is so important for America’s children.