The Parent Association for Gifted Education, Inc.

The Super Saturday Program is a labor of love for our children and yours by the Parent Association for Gifted Education, Inc. (PAGE).  PAGE is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission to serve intellectually gifted children early in their lives and to promote the recognition of their significantly different educational needs.  PAGE also provides opportunities for parents to learn about the special needs of gifted children and to interact with other parents of gifted children.

The membership of PAGE is comprised of all of the parents, guardians, teachers, and volunteers involved in The Super Saturday Program.  PAGE is run by a Board of Trustees. These Trustees wear multiple “hats,” as parents of gifted children in the program, as volunteers performing numerous operational functions, and as members of the Board.

Board Of Trustees

  • Jimmy Lehn, Chairman and CEO
  • Gina Baldwin, President and Interim Teen Volunteer Manager
  • Monica Hennessy, Secretary and Assistant Teen Volunteer Manager
  • Adam Leasure, Treasurer
  • Joanna Harm, Marketing Director
  • Dawn Robinson​, Registrar
  • Swazi Nkosi, Assistant Registrar
  • Melanie Simkins, Teacher Coordinator and Assistant Teen Volunteer Manager and Interim Brochure Designer
  • Sheila Mukasa, Logistics Coordinator


  • Anthony Diaz, Chief Technology Officer
  • Maggie Gunnerson, Interim Gifted Community Enrichment Coordinator
  • Peter Hilton, Background Check Coordinator
  • Andrea Shollenbarger, Campus Operations Coordinator and Special Events Operations Coordinator
  • Stephanie Wong, Facebook Forum Moderator
  • Alisa Pitocco, Assistant Facebook Forum Moderator
  • Bill Sand, Practical Solutions Engineer​

Resource Members

    Jan Betscher, Philip Bierhoff, Jelena Diaz, Heather Dillon, Mark Dillon, Kelly Fogwell, Liza Gallagher, Jenn Ledonne, Jamie Overbey

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