To Register for Classes

  1.   review the most up-to-date policies below,
  2.   have your child’s class preferences ready,
  3.   proceed to the online, paperless registration portal via one of these links:
  4.   make your tuition payment through the registration portal or by mailing it to:
    The Super Saturday Program
    P.O. Box 43385
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45243

and for new students and students who have not attended in two years,

  1.   submit a completed Professional Recommendation by scanning and emailing it to before the start of the term.

We look forward to having your child in The Super Saturday Program.


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There are many kinds and levels of intellectual giftedness. That’s why The Super Saturday Program allows a student admission if they meet just one of the following criteria:

  • Mental ability (I.Q.) of a standard score on a cognitive ability measure equivalent to the 95th percentile.
  • Achievement test scores in Total Reading or Total Math at or greater than 95th percentile.
  • If the aforementioned tests scores are not available or appropriate, evidence of outstanding cognitive ability may be shared by a professional (i.e. teacher, pediatrician, psychologist, etc.).

Every new student needs a recommendation from a teacher, principal, psychologist, psychiatrist or similar professional to certify that the child meets admission criteria. Ideally, the best alternative to a school professional is a psychologist or testing professional. These services can be very costly and unnecessary. If you homeschool your child, as your child’s teacher, you may sign the form. You may also ask your pediatrician for the recommendation.

The Student Registration Form must be completed online for each student every term. The Professional Recommendation Form needs to be completed if the child has never attended The Super Saturday Program or if the child has not been enrolled in the program within the last two years. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender or economics.


Each term’s registration opening and deadlines are posted on the Times and Dates page.

  1. Due to limited class sizes, it is best to register your child as early as possible.
  2. Classes are assigned based on timing of entry into the registration system.  All payments and paperwork to complete registration must be received within one week of registration or the student will be placed on a waiting list.
  3. To help The Super Saturday Program operate efficiently and fairly, our registration period is limited.  Registration and payment of fees must be completed before the deadline.
  4. Confirmation letters are sent by email one to two weeks before the start of each term.  If a class is cancelled for any reason, the registrar will contact the family with alternative class options.
  5. The professional recommendation must be received before the start of classes.
  6. Class changes may be made after the first week of classes based on availability and type of class.

Please follow these expectations for registration:

  1. Children should always be involved in class selection.  This helps ensure a higher quality class experience for your child, for other children in the class, and for the teacher.
  2. Each section of each class is leveled by age, not by grade.  Listed age ranges take into account both THE INTELLECTUAL AND THE EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF GIFTED STUDENTS as well as classroom manageability for our teachers and teen teacher’s aides.  We cannot allow exceptions to these ranges.  If you are interested in a class being offered for a different age range, please let us know and we can try to meet requests in future terms.
  3. Some classes have prerequisites.  Prerequisites contribute to a positive classroom experience for all students and may include completion of the beginner class, conduct in similar beginner classes, or demonstrable skill level.  We cannot allow exceptions to these prerequisites.
  4. If you have questions about the appropriateness of a class for your child, email the Registrar at  We can get you more information to make the best choices for your situation.  We can arrange class visits so long as you make the request in advance.
  5. Only register your child for one AM class and/or one PM class per term.  If you have additional or back-up choices that you would like recognized, please send those via email to  Jackrabbit does not prevent you from registering for multiple classes and will automatically charge you for each class registered.
  6. We want every child to be satisfied with their class choice.  If your child is unhappy for any reason, please contact a board member immediately.  Changes in class selection after your registration has been submitted must be discussed with the Registrar or the President.  Teachers are not involved in the registration process and cannot approve changes in class assignments.

Special Needs

Please ask the Registrar to call you if you have special concerns.  He/she may suggest that you speak with your teacher in advance to address specific concerns.  Please note the following accommodations for:

  • Behavioral Issues – Our teachers are excited about serving gifted children and recognize that some children require special attention or different techniques for problem resolution.  In order for your teacher to best serve your child, please notify us.  By including a note with your registration, the Registrar can inform your teacher well before classes begin and may speak with you if needed prior to or on the first day of class.
  • Physical Handicaps – All classrooms are wheel-chair accessible.
  • Allergies – Snacks are discouraged to avoid allergy concerns; however, some parents bring in snacks despite this.  So, please inform your teacher of any allergies your child may have.

Fees and Payment

Tuition of $80 per class, per student must be included with each registration.

If you want to pay tuition online, provide credit card information through the registration portal.  If you do not make an online payment at the time of registration by clicking the “Pay Now” button on the “Billing & Payments” page, then PAGE will attempt to process your payment with the credit card provided.  Credit card information can be checked and updated on “Billing & Payments” page under “Saved Payment Methods.”  Please be sure that your billing address is correct.  The account contact address(es) and billing addresses are separate entries, so even if you have updated one, you may still need to update the other.

Lab fees are for class supply expenses and are paid separately from tuition.  When needed, the lab fee as shown in the class brochure is to be paid to the teacher at sign-in on the first day of classes to reimburse them.  If the child transfers to a new class after the first week of the term, a lab fee must be paid to the new teacher, and if supplies were purchased by the original teacher, those lab fees cannot be refunded.

Late registrations for classes that have not been canceled due to low enrollment as of the regular registration deadline may be accepted for one additional week after regular enrollment ends and must be accompanied by the $25 late fee for each class, for each student.

If you would like to pay by check or are applying for financial assistance, register online then mail payment information within 2 days.  If we do not receive payment within 7 days of registration, your student will be moved to a waiting list.

There will be a $20 fee charged for all returned checks or declined payments.

Financial Aid

A limited number of tuition and lab fee grants are available each term.  Please send documentation that your child qualifies for a government assistance program (i.e. Medicaid, W.I.C., or free/reduced lunch) to or mail to the the postal address above.  Documentation is required once per year.  Requests to use financial aid must be sent EACH term so that we do not apply financial aid if no longer needed.  Financial aid does NOT cover late fees; registrations received after the regular registration deadline should include a $25 late fee.  Other grant opportunities may be available.  Email to find out more about those.

Withdrawals and Refunds

If it is necessary to withdraw your child from a class, please notify the Registrar in writing as soon as possible at or the postal address above.

After regular registration closes, only 50% of the tuition will be refunded.  No refund will be given after late registration closes.  One way we work to keep tuition low is by only proceeding with classes that have enough students enrolled to pay the teacher.  We must make this decision several weeks before classes begin.

Cancelled Classes or Changes

The Super Saturday Program reserves the right to make teacher and class changes or cancellations as needed prior to the first Saturday of the term.  We will contact parents or guardians upon cancellation to determine whether there is an acceptable substitute class or if a refund should be given.  Refunds will be issued within four to six weeks of the request.

We have vetted substitute teachers available in the event of a teacher emergency; however, there have been occasions when a teacher’s absence occurs on such short notice that it is impossible to arrange for a substitute.  We reserve the right to cancel class that day only, on short notice if necessary, without providing a refund.  The teacher or volunteer will call all parents if a class is cancelled.

You are not required to notify your child’s teacher or our volunteers in the event of your child’s absence; however, most teachers like to know for planning purposes.  Your child’s teacher will do his/her best to bring your child up to speed the following week, and, depending on the class and your child’s interests, the teacher may give your child supplies and instructions to do the missed activities at home.

Emergency Closing

In case of severe weather or any unforeseen emergency, The Super Saturday Program reserves the right to cancel a class without a make-up class or refund.  When possible, make-up dates are scheduled for the Saturday after the term.  Check your email and our website for weather or emergency updates.  Closing notices will also be available on WKRC(12) or WCPO(9) and Facebook page.

Covid Protocols

We will be following the Covid protocols at DePaul Cristo Rey High School.  At this time, they are not wearing masks, but are asking anyone who is not feeling well to stay home for the day.  Protocol updates will be posted promptly to our website homepage.

Publicity and Media Waiver

All students enrolled in the program and their parents automatically grant their permission for the use of any record of student activity (i.e. photos, movies, videotape) happening in the classroom and/or at the program site in general.

Parent Participation

See Volunteer.

Supervision and Responsibility

Parents or guardians of a student are responsible for transportation of the child to and from the program site and the classroom on time.  Students may not be dropped off earlier than 10 minutes prior to class.  When dropping off to every class, parents, guardians, or guardian-authorized persons MUST SIGN the class sign-in/sign-out sheet and provide their phone number in case of emergency.  We can only release students to their parents, guardians, or guardian-authorized persons who must sign out at the end of class.

Neither teachers nor PAGE will be responsible for any accidents or injuries sustained by any child while in the program.  Your child may stay on campus between classes, but only with a supervising adult such as a parent, guardian, or family friend.  PAGE does not hold a child-care license, which would be required to provide child care as a service.  PAGE and its teachers and volunteers are not responsible for nor able to supervise children before or after class time, nor during lunchtime, which is 11:30 to 12:30.  It is critical that you are on time to pick up your students so that our teachers and teen volunteers have time to eat lunch and prepare for afternoon classes.

Student Behavior and Dismissal

Teachers have the right to expect courtesy and respect from students.  If a student is disruptive, the teacher will work with the student and then talk with the parent after class.  A teacher may dismiss a disruptive student from class for the remainder of the day.  The parent may be asked to stay in class to ensure the child’s good behavior.  If the student is still disruptive, the President or another board member will speak with the parent or guardian to provide an opportunity to resolve the situation and allow the child to remain in class.  If corrections are not made, the student will be dismissed and no refund will be given.

Food on Campus

There is no food service available on campus, but there are a few restaurants within blocks of the school.  Families are welcome to bring lunch and eat in the Bruin Café on the main floor.  There are no microwaves.  The Bruin Café is also where Gifted Community Enrichment will be held.  Food is not permitted in the classrooms; only water is allowed.

Siblings, Guests and Visitors

Your young children are welcome to accompany you to Gifted Community Enrichment, to classes, or to any other spot on campus open to our program that suits your needs.  This is a family program.  Out of consideration for the time, attention, and fees of the students, we ask that younger children only be allowed to observe, rather than participate in, their older sibling’s class, and only if they can remain quiet.

Parents and guardians may bring a guest to observe one Saturday.  We are excited about our program and welcome the enthusiasm to show others what we offer gifted children.

There are occasional classes or events occurring at the school on Saturdays.  These typically do not interfere with The Super Saturday Program.

We occasionally receive and approve requests by student teachers to observe and/or assist teachers.  Some teachers bring in guest speakers, actors, and even animals as part of their curriculum.

Periodically members of the media visit classes to obtain information for stories about The Super Saturday Program.


The best way to send us your questions, comments or concerns is to email  Give your name, contact information and general question.  A volunteer will respond as soon as possible.  Answers to many questions and many resources can be found on our website.  You can also find us on Facebook and connect with other parents.