In addition to the wealth of resources provided through Gifted Community Enrichment each Saturday of the term, we have collected together some useful information here on the website.

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The adventure of caring for a gifted child can be filled with countless joys and is something that few are fortunate to experience.  Most of us have terrific stories of our child’s amazing ideas, accomplishments and unique ways of seeing and experiencing their world.  Having a child who can talk or read at a very young age, is insatiable to learn everything and has a delightful sense of humor can be exciting – and exhausting!

Although we learn about our child’s giftedness in different ways and at different times, our reactions are similar.  We are delighted with our child’s gifts, but quickly learn that their differences place them in a minority.  Like our gifted child, we can have many questions:  “Why is my child so active all the time?”  “What books are appropriate for my advanced reader?”  “Why doesn’t my child play with peers his age?”  “My child is bored in school – what do I do?”  To have questions go unanswered, not to mention hearing “I wish I had the problem of having such a smart kid!” from others can be very discouraging.  The good news is that there are others who have asked the same questions and have found answers within The Super Saturday Program, along with plenty of compassionate understanding.

Those whose children attend The Super Saturday Program have a built-in network of like-minded parents and guardians on campus.  Particularly in the Gifted Community Enrichment sessions, we can ask one another questions, compare notes, suggest excellent books and listen to speakers on various gifted topics.  It truly is a haven for parents and guardians of gifted kids in the Cincinnati area.

Our organization’s primary focus is on serving gifted children and their families within the Cincinnati area through The Super Saturday Program.  We are not experts on giftedness or its related topics, but we sincerely hope to help you begin and continue your quest in learning about giftedness by providing the names and links of some of our favorite organizations, websites, books, and other resources.

We hope you enjoy your adventure as much as we do!