Volunteering is a cornerstone of PAGE and The Super Saturday Program.  The program is run entirely by parents and guardians who volunteer their time and talents to serve the gifted children of the Cincinnati area.  Overall, it is a big job, but many hands make light work.  All are asked to contribute to the success of this program.

  For ages 13-17 see Teen Community Service Opportunities at supersaturday.org/teens.

Here are some of the ways in which you can help:

1) On Saturday, On-Site

Classes are hands-on making assistance important for the children’s success and safety.  We ask that at least one grown-up, other than teacher, is present each week in each classroom of students under ten years old for the safety of students and the smooth running of class activities.  For classrooms with students ten years old and older, the teacher may determine grown-up assistance is not needed.  If every parent and guardian signs up to volunteer in their child’s classroom one Saturday of each session, teachers will have all the help they need.   The first week of classes, please fill out the sign-up sheet in your child’s classroom.

Help is also needed before class with set-up, during class with smooth operations, or after class with clean-up.  Please use the SignUpGenius to volunteer for specific tasks on available days.

2) In The Program’s Operations

As children grow up and families move on to new challenges in supporting them, the program will always have a need for new committed volunteers.  As the program grows to better serve more children, our volunteering time and knowledge needs grow as well.

Skills and experience that you could contribute:

  • accounting
  • coaching
  • event planning
  • graphic design
  • hospitality
  • human resources
  • interviewing
  • photography
  • print outsourcing
  • proofreading
  • proofreading
  • public relations
  • public speaking
  • QuickBooks
  • scientific research review
  • scheduling
  • social media marketing
  • training, corporate/leadership
  • videography
  • web development
  • WordPress

Reach out to a board member,email us, or fill out our volunteer interest form indicating your interests and availability.  Board members can be found on campus every Saturday and in the Gifted Community Enrichment sessions.  You will be put in touch with our President or CEO who will be happy to speak with you about the volunteering needs, your time, and your talents. Some volunteer positions receive a tuition credit for their children.

3) In Your Community

There are far more families who could benefit from The Super Saturday Program than ever hear about it.

You can help others find us and give our service a try by:

  • telling your child’s teacher, gifted specialist, or physician of the value you are seeing
  • telling other families your experience
  • pointing out our resources (supersaturday.org/resources, especially our volunteers’ compiled Reading List)
  • forwarding emails
  • connecting on social media and sharing posts
  • chiming in with your input or to answer questions on social media posts or within our private Facebook community
  • offering carpooling

You can request help and materials from our Marketing Director by emailing marketing@supersaturday.org.