Enrollment Eligibility

Is my child eligible?

There are many kinds and levels of intellectual giftedness. That’s why The Super Saturday Program allows a student admission if they meet just one of the following criteria:

  • Mental ability (I.Q.) of a standard score on a cognitive ability measure equivalent to the 95th percentile.
  • Achievement test scores in Total Reading or Total Math at or greater than 95th percentile.
  • If the aforementioned tests scores are not available or appropriate, evidence of outstanding cognitive ability.
What documentation is needed to prove eligibility?

Every new student needs a recommendation from a teacher, principal, psychologist, psychiatrist or similar professional to certify that the child meets admission criteria. See Registration for complete information and Professional Recommendation Form to view and print the needed form.

How do I obtain a professional recommendation if my child isn’t in school?

Ideally, the best alternative to a school professional is a psychologist or testing professional. However, these services can be very costly and unnecessary. If you homeschool your child, as your child’s teacher, you may sign the form. You may also ask your pediatrician for the recommendation. If your child isn’t yet in school, ask your pediatrician to recommend your child.


How do I register my child?

Registration is simple! Go to Registration for complete instructions and forms.

Can my child take a class intended for younger or older children?

Age ranges for individual classes are designed to take into account both the intellectual and emotional development of our students, as well as to create a manageable classroom for our teachers. We cannot allow exceptions to these ranges.  If you are interested in a class being offered for a different age range, please let us know and we can try to meet requests in future terms.  We adhere to this policy strictly.

How do I know if my child can take an advanced class, such as Chess II?

Please Contact Us and ask for our Registrar to contact you. Some teachers require the child to enroll in their beginner class, while others base their decision on the child’s experiences in similar beginner classes.

What if my child’s preferred class doesn’t run or is canceled?

If your child’s first choice is not available for any reason, the Registrar will place your child in his/her second or third choice. If these classes are also unavailable, the Registrar will contact you to determine what other classes may interest your child.  If we are unable to place your child in an acceptable class, we will issue a refund to you within four to six weeks.

When will I hear back from you after registering?

We typically receive several hundred registrations each session, which cannot be completely processed until after the registration deadline. This complex process can take our volunteers up to 2 weeks, so confirmation letters are mailed approximately 10-14 days before classes begin. We appreciate your patience.

Financial Considerations

How must does it cost?

There is a standard tuition for each class, payable when the registration is made online. See Registration for the current tuition.  Most teachers charge a lab fee to cover consumable product expenses, payable to the teacher on the first day of classes.  A late fee is assessed on all registrations that are postmarked after the registration deadline. In the event of mailing in a late registration, please include a late fee with the Registration Form.

Is financial aid available?

A limited number of tuition and lab fee grants are available each session. For consideration, please send documentation that your child qualifies for a government assistance program (e.g. Medicaid, WIC, free/reduced price lunch at school) to registration@supersaturday.org.  If you qualify, tuition and lab fees will be covered by PAGE.  You must request assistance every session you need it, but documentation is only needed once a year.

What are lab fees?

Our teachers purchase consumable supplies for their students, and parents must reimburse their teachers for these expenses. The lab fee amounts are indicated in the class descriptions for every class. Lab fees must be paid directly to the child’s teacher on the first day of class. Please do not include lab fees with your Registration Form and tuition.

Withdrawals and Refunds

How do I withdraw my child’s registration and receive a refund?

Please notify the Registrar in writing as soon as possible at registration@supersaturday.org, also see Registration for complete details and Important Dates for cutoff dates to receive full or partial refunds.

Why do you require withdrawal notification to be submitted so early to receive a full refund?

To keep tuition low, each class is run only if there are sufficient students enrolled to pay the teacher. We must make this decision several weeks before the first week of class in order to mail confirmation letters and teacher packets by a reasonable date.


What if my child’s teacher misses a week? What about make-ups?

Our teachers are required to arrange for substitute teachers in the event of their absences. However, there have been occasions when a teacher’s absence occurs on such short notice that it is impossible to arrange for the substitute. In the past, make-ups were allowed. This practice has been discontinued due to the strain it puts on parents, particularly those with younger children. We reserve the right to cancel a single class on short notice if necessary without providing a refund for said class. The teacher or volunteer will call all parents if a class is canceled.

What if my child misses one or more weeks?

It is not required to notify your teacher or our volunteers in the event of your child’s absence.  However, most teachers prefer to know for planning purposes. Your child’s teacher will do his/her best to bring your child up to speed the following week, and, depending on the class and your child’s interests, the teacher may give your child supplies and instructions to do the missed activities at home.

How do you determine which classes you are going to offer?

We strive to find a balance between core academic areas, such as language arts, math and science, and more unique and creative classes, such as origami, acting, and yoga. Our goal is to match the varied interests of our students.

What if my child doesn’t like the class he’s in?

We want every child to be totally satisfied with their class choice. If your child is unhappy for any reason, please contact the President immediately. Class changes may be made based on availability and type of class.  Note that lab fees to the original teacher cannot be refunded as supplies are purchased prior to the first week of class. If the child transfers to a new class, a lab fee must be paid to the new teacher for those supplies.

Are there summer classes?

Not at this time. The Super Saturday Program volunteers use the summer months to plan for the following year. Specifically, most of the summer is spent recruiting teachers, reviewing and improving upon procedures used the previous year and working on special projects.

Why don’t you offer classes for children over 14 years old?

We have found that there is insufficient interest in classes from older children, most likely because of other interests and activities.  However, we have started a Teen Leadership Program for our teens and alumni students between the ages of 13-17.

What are the class times?

Morning classes are from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Afternoon classes are from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM.  Virtual class lengths are usually shorter than in-person classes (60-90 minutes) and will vary based on student age, weekly content, and student attention span.

Online Classes

What do I need in order to access online classes?

A desktop computer, laptop computer, or tablet.  Although a smartphone could work, the quality of the experience would be greatly diminished.  

An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE). Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). Check your Internet bandwidth using Speedtest.

A microphone – built-in to your computer, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth.

Built-in headset jack from laptop or desktop is highly recommended. Even if your device has speakers, you likely will need to plug in a headset so that the sound from the speakers does not cause an echo in the Zoom meeting.

Webcam or HD webcam – built-in or USB plug-in

See Zoom for additional details.  

Campus Issues

Can my child stay on campus between classes?

Your child may stay on campus between classes, but only with a supervising adult, such as a parent. Our teachers and volunteers are not able to supervise children between 11:30 and 12:30.

Is lunch available between classes on or near campus?

There is no food service available on campus but there are numerous fast food restaurants within a few blocks of the school. Families are welcome to bring lunch to campus.

Where can we park?

The parking lot off beside the Arts & Science building has ample parking and no permits are needed.

Special Student Considerations

How are disruptive students handled?

The teacher will work with the student and then talk with the parent. The parent may be asked to stay in class to ensure the child’s good behavior. If the situation cannot be corrected, the President will speak with the parents. If corrections are not made, the student will be dismissed and no refund will be given.

What if my child has special needs?

Please ask the Registrar to call you if you have special concerns. He/she may suggest that you speak with your teacher in advance to address specific concerns. Please note the following accommodations for:

  • Physical Handicaps – All classrooms are wheel-chair accessible.
  • Allergies – Snacks are discouraged to avoid allergy concerns. However, some parents bring in snacks despite this, so please inform your teacher of any allergies your child may have.
  • Behavioral Issues – Our teachers are excited about serving gifted children and recognize that some children require special attention or different techniques for problem-resolution. In order for your teacher to best serve your child, please notify us. By including a note with your registration, the Registrar can inform your teacher well before classes begin and may speak with you if needed prior to or on the first day of class.

Parental Matters

May I bring my younger children to classes/campus?

Yes, this is a family program. Parents and their young children are welcome in the Parent Hospitality Room or any other spot open to our program that suits their needs. For the sake of all of our students and the supplies bought by the teachers, we ask that younger children only be allowed to observe, rather than participate in, their older sibling’s class, and only if they can remain quiet.

What does this program offer parents?

The Super Saturday Program is a rare haven for parents of gifted children. Parents can talk with one another to compare notes about the joys and challenges of raising gifted children, learn what other schools are doing regarding gifted services and simply relate to one another in ways that other parents cannot. The best place on campus for talking and networking is the Parent Hospitality Room. In addition, on several Saturday mornings each session, speakers provide presentations on issues that relate to raising gifted children. These local experts are eager to come and share their knowledge with our parents at no cost to you.

The Super Saturday Program is offering parent programs at 11:15 a.m. during our virtual terms.  A zoom link will be sent to all parents in our registration system prior to each Saturday during the term.

Am I required to stay while my child is in class?

No. However, your entire family will benefit if you attend your child’s class or you visit our Parent Hospitality Room to hear our speakers or network with other parents in the program. All parents are responsible for their children between classes (11:30 am to 12:30 pm) and must sign the class sign in/out sheet for each class.

Am I supposed to help in some way?

Every parent is expected to sign up to volunteer in their child’s classroom at least one Saturday of each session. The Super Saturday Program is run by a small group of volunteers, so parental help is a necessity.

Our program is run entirely by volunteers.  So we need you!  If you are interested in volunteering with The Super Saturday Program beyond simply helping in the classroom, please contact a Board member, and our Volunteer Coordinator will call you.  Board members can be found on campus every Saturday and in the Parent Hospitality Room.

Are parents allowed to observe or participate in the classes?

Absolutely! We urge all parents to make a commitment to their children by participating in the classrooms at least once during each term. Classes are hands-on and held on a public campus, making parental presence and assistance a priority for the children’s success and safety.  If, however, your child tends to defer to you when you are present, we encourage you to only attend one week to help promote intellectual and emotional independence.


What should I do if I’m interested in teaching?

Speak with one of our Teacher Coordinators and visit our teacher portal to learn more. They are always searching for more teachers and different types of classes, and they will be happy to answer all of your questions.

What are your teacher qualifications?

Above all else, they must be excited about teaching their subject matter to gifted children. Our teachers must have advanced degrees in teaching or have degrees/experience in their subject area. Some of our teachers are gifted themselves; all are passionate about teaching gifted children.  All teachers are required to have background checks in place prior to teaching.

Spirit Wear

When and where do you sell it?

We sell our spirit wear approximately 2 times each session, from the Parent Hospitality Room.

What type of spirit wear do you have?

We have t-shirts and sweatshirts in adult and child sizes. Wearing these shirts helps spread the word about The Super Saturday Program, so we hope that you will come to the Parent Hospitality Room to see what we have.


Do you close during inclement weather or other emergencies?

In case of severe weather or an unforeseen emergency, classes will be canceled. Emergency closings are reported on our Facebook page and on television channels 9 & 12. We reserve the right to cancel classes in the event of an emergency or inclement weather without a make-up class or refund.


Are you affiliated with E.H. Greene Intermediate School?

No. We pay rent for the rooms we use on campus, but we are not affiliated with any school district. See About Us for information on our organization.

Do you recommend any gifted services providers, schools, testers, psychologists, etc.?

As an organization, we take no position on outside organizations or individual professionals. However, our individual parents and volunteers are happy to share their experiences with other parents. When your child is in classes, go to the Parent Hospitality Room and ask other parents for suggestions.

Can we bring guests or visitors?

Yes, to observe one Saturday. We are excited about our program, and welcome parents’ enthusiasm to show others what we offer gifted children.

Will there be other people on campus or in the classes?

There are occasional classes or events occurring on Saturdays. These typically do not interfere with The Super Saturday Program. The campus is open to the public, and a few students and staff members are present every Saturday.

We occasionally receive and approve requests by student teachers to observe and occasionally assist teachers. Some teachers bring in guest speakers, actors, and even animals as part of their curriculum.

Periodically members of the media visit classes to obtain information for stories about The Super Saturday Program. All students enrolled in the program and their parents automatically grant their permission for the use of any record of student activity (i.e., photos, movies, audiotape and/or videotape) happening in the classroom and/or at the program site in general.