Many parents ask us about having their child tested. Questions include: “Should I have my child tested?” “Do you recommend a tester?” “What is the best age for testing?” “Which test is best for my child?” We encourage you to talk with our other parents while your child is attending classes at The Super Saturday Program, or do some online research to answer your questions.

These sites have a lot to offer:

  • GT World
    • GT World is an online community for parents of gifted and talented children. They offer extensive information on interpreting test results along with descriptions of specific IQ and achievement tests.

Note: Our organization requires verification of giftedness for a child to enroll in The Super Saturday Program (see  Professional Recommendation).

Cincinnati Area Testers
Because so many parents ask us for tester recommendations, we offer suggestions here. We do not imply endorsement of these testers, and we encourage you to ask any potential tester pointed questions in advance to ensure they are the right tester for your child.