Ohio Gifted Rule

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce’s (ODEW) “Gifted Rule,” which Ohio public schools must follow, is revised every five years.  The Ohio Association for Gifted Children (OAGC) is a valuable resource for all of us invested in the outcome of this process.  Included here is some of the information members of the OAGC have pulled together to help you become more informed and get involved.


December 1 – ODEW posted rule for public comment
December 22 – Deadline to provide public comment
January 9 – ODEW completed first draft of revised rule
January 12 – ODEW posted draft for public comment
January 18 – ODEW held public meeting on draft rule
January 26th – 4-5pm OAGC Gifted Rule Zoom meeting
February 2nd – 4-5pm OAGC Gifted Rule Zoom meeting (link below)
February 3rd – 9:45 and 12:45 The Super Saturday Program’s Gifted Community Enrichment session will feature Gifted Rule information presented by Maggie Gunnerson

February 9th – 4-5pm OAGC Gifted Rule Zoom meeting, (link below)
February 11 – Deadline to email your public comments to rulecomments@education.ohio.gov
February 12 to 22 – ODEW will complete final draft based on public comment
February 23 – ODEW will file the rule with Rules Summary Fiscal Analysis (RSFA) and Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR)
May 2024 (tentative) – The rule will be in effect for the following school year

To read the current rule and first draft of revised rule:

To see the OAGC’s alerts:
The Jan 19th alert contains a link to the Jan 18 OEDW public meeting webcast and the OAGC’s own public comment.  In short, the OAGC is pushing for a gifted service mandate.

To view Maggie Gunnerson’s presentation:
in Powerpoint or
in PDF format and
the OAGC position she cited.

To join the OAGC Zoom meetings:
Email us, including brief info of your involvement in TSSP, at messagecenter@supersaturday.org for meeting credentials.